Hi, I’m Jacopo Bassan

I’m from Italy 🇮🇹.

I am passionate about Computer Science, Technology, Design, and too many other things like Games, Music, Anime, Manga, Photography, Videography… I’m a really curious person, I just can’t have enough interests.

I used to be a blogger and even a Drone Racing Pilot, and I still am both when I can, but I think I’m for sure a big full time nerd. Right now I’m more into 3D Printing and Cosplay.

About Drones, I participated in competitions and events, qualifying in the 2016 Italy Drone National accessing the European Championships held in Ibiza and the World Championships in Honolulu, you can read more about this in the FPV page.

I consider myself a very versatile person, if I don’t know something I find interesting I’ll usually start searching and experimenting until I know more about it.

Personal Stuff:

My Nas