-Loom +Dropbox

As you can read on Loom.com, Loom is joining Dropbox today.

Personally, I’ve tryed it when Everpix was shut down but for me wasn’t a good replacement.

I’m using Picturelife if you are wondering.

But hey, now we aren’t here to talk about photo services being shut down or not, I’m here just to share with you a great way to get 5GB free, for life, on Dropbox.

And if you switch to Carousel, you will receive the same amount of free space that you had on Loom on Dropbox, forever. If you were a paid user, you will receive the same quota on Carousel/Dropbox for free, for an entire year!

If you have had a Loom account the space you got free from them (5GB by default, but maybe you’ve earned more with referrals) will be yours on Dropbox! And that’s a nice gift.

You just need to login into your Loom account and follow the easy migration procedure, that’s all!